Friday, November 25, 2011

Klein Team Super - The Klein Obsession Continues

If this isn't obvious by now, I love Klein bicycles. Just nabbed my third Klein tonight - this one off an eBay auction. Went cheap too - mainly because there is a 1/2 inch crack in the top of the seat tube neck. Aluminum can be welded, so perhaps I'll have that done some day. Thinking this crack can be kept in check with some steel aircraft ties, but won't know until I get the bike. 

Comes with a Campagnolo Super Record read derailleur in very good condition, so, with the price of the bike at only $85, and shipping at about half that price, I'll get a great collector frame and a nice wheel set along with a Campy derailleur for less than $150. Can't complain :)

I'll keep y'all up to date on this project bike and post more photos when the bike arrives in a week or so.

Ever ride a first generation Klein Stage or Team Super? Chime on in.


  1. Rode the Team Super in Chehalis in 1983. Gary normalized the frame I was building, and though it was totally my own design, my bike came out hauntingly like the Team Super. A truly spectacular bike. BTW... you got a good deal. That bike was $4,300 back then.

  2. Now what exactly does that mean he normalized the frame you were building?? And what was your own design? Are you talking about a frame you built post 1976? And how did Gary effect the frame you yourself were building? Are we talking about the team super frame here or your own frame? And if yours came out like his, the who's is more original? And again, what's with the normalized comment?


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