Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Bicycles of the 1984 LA Olympics

I was fortunate enough to be part of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. No, not as an athlete, although that would have been an awesome start to this post, but as a security guard for the yachting venue in Long Beach. Even back then, at age 19, I realized this was a special time and a privileged opportunity. 

During that period, I was heavily into cycling, and, on July 29th 1984, accompanied by a bevy of my Long Beach Velo Club brethren, drove the 30 miles south to Mission Viejo, CA to watch the individual Olympic Road Race. As now, I was as much into the bicycles themselves as I was into riding them. The gleaming chrome forks, unblemished paint and, of course, more Campagnolo components than I could count, whizzed by at breath-taking speed so close I was cooled by the wind they created.

Murray bicycles won the right to sponsor the machines rode by the 7-Eleven team, but the frames were most-likely made by Serotta. Campy-Only, one of my favorite bicycle blogs, has just posted a short write-up on these bicycles and posted some photos as well. Check this out HERE

Any memories of this road race or other cycling event from the '84 Olympics? Chime on in below, or send some photos to vintageracingbicycles [at]

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