Friday, December 10, 2021

1986 (?) Specialized Allez SE - After Pics - Final Build


With the exception of pedals, the Allez SE Red/Black build is done! You can see the before pics HERE.

This was a fun build without many mishaps. Some may say replacing the Modolo Speedy calipers with Modolo Professionals is overkill, but I already had them in stock, so... Also that saddle, right?? Anyway, enjoy the pics. Leave questions in the comments. Thanks!

Sunday, December 5, 2021

1986 (?) Specialized Allez SE - BEFORE Restoration


This bike came to me a week ago and it instantly became my #1 project. The frame, as you can see, is beautiful, with only a few minor paint chips. Turns out the Red #140 nail gel from our local Dollar Tree is a near-perfect match for the Allez candy apple paint. As this already had a great red and black theme going, I wanted to strengthen it even more. 

That San Marco Regal saddle is pristine, so it's getting bagged and saved for another project. I bought a new red/black Selle Italia X3 on eBay that will go on this. Yeah, I know... new saddle on a 35 year old bike... so sue me... it'll look terrific. Plus, this isn't supposed to be a totally retro build. 

The Cinelli bar tape got trashed and replaced with red/black tape, which looks great. Replaced those levers, which I always thought were perhaps the ugliest brake levers ever produced, with Modolo Professional black levers with black hoods. The Modolo Speedy brake calipers are being replaced with black Modolo Professional calipers. Leaving the crankset (Specialized), front and rear mechs (Shimano 600 SIS) as they are. 

The black annodized downtube shimano shifters are SO cool. Pedals are off for now (Look Keo II) and will be replaced by something black... still not sure on those. Seatpost (Thompson Elite) is staying. Replaced the Salsa stem with an ITM black stem. Handlebars got replaced with black 44cm ones, as well.

Next up, brake cabling and replacing the chain. Then... posting new photos here. Stay tuned! 

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