Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mavic 851 SSC (professional) Rear Derailleur

Found this Mavic 851 at the Whittier bicycle swap meet last Saturday. I'm quite pleased with the price I paid as well as the condition of this fine mech. Plus, it's just so damn cool looking!

These were made in the mid 1980s and designed in such a manner that all of the individual parts are replaceable. This is the reason that, when looking up this model on eBay, so many of the auctions are for the pieces of the derailleur - and these come at a premium price. 

This may get mounted some day, but for now, I'm keeping it clean and in a spot where it can be appreciated by like-minded vintage enthusiasts (nut cases). :)

Click HERE for the VeloBase entry for this Mavic. I kinda like the fact that mine is in better shape than the one on VeloBase. 
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