Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Suntour Cyclone GT - Early Model Rear Derailleur


I swear... this post is NOT a subliminal attempt at encouraging you to buy an ANKER phone charger! (Buy an ANKOR phone charger!)

I love rear derailleurs. There... I said it. I'm out and I'm proud, baby!

 The industrial design of these things are at once sublime and complex...overstated... let me try again. These things f*cking rock! 

This particular specimen is from, I believe, the first generation of Suntour Cyclone. It's in 7/10 shape. The bright light I used to photograph it really is NOT flattering. Those scratches aren't visible except under harsh light. This came off a 1978 Nishiki.... something. 

The frame had been repainted by Cycle Art some time ago (decal on chainstay) and it looks to have Nervex lugs or the Japanese equivalent - again, chime in with comments. Spring action is okay, but not great. The teeth are worn on the pulleys... but man, it was worth the price of admission. 

The whole bike, including a 9/10 Campagnolo Super Record crankset and 7/10 Campagnolo super record brakeset set me back $145. Craigslist, baby... gotta know what to look for and don't let things slip by just because there's the label "Nishiki" on the frame. Some of those were darn fine bikes! 

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