About me

Since I was a teen in the late 1970s, I've loved bicycles. What we now consider "vintage" I look back at as being gorgeous, coveted, unobtainium. I remember the day my 1980 Univega Viva Sport was stolen, and I was heartbroken because it had taken me more than a year to save the $209 to purchase it just eight months before. Owning a purebred racing machine was a dream that would have to wait. 

My love for cycling continued, and in the mid 80s as I bought my first nice road bicycle, a 1984 Batavus Professional frame that I decked out with the newest Shimano 600 components. It was a smooth, sweet ride, and I put many miles on that bicycle. It wasn't until almost 15 years later that I bought my next bike, a 1989 Olmo Syntex. Then came a Guerciotti, a Klein, another Klein, well, you get the picture. 

Thirty years have gone by since cycling became a part of my life, and I love the sport now more than ever. Someone recently asked me how many bikes I own, and I answered "not enough." I certainly own more than I can ride at once, and to most non-collectors, that may be too many. Once collecting gets into your blood, reasoning like that seems trivial. That, by the way goes for collecting anything, not just bikes. Fact is, I ride them all and rotate them out as often as I can. 

Some bikes are in "project" phase, but I never leave them that way for long. I like to either have complete, ride-able bicycles, or bare frames waiting to be adorned by the components I collect. Half-finished bikes make me...anxious, like looking at a half-painted bedroom or leaving a book partially-read. 

I hope this site is enjoyable to you. And don't let the site name scare you off if you're into modern-day bikes. All are welcome here. To me it doesn't really matter whether you love vintage bicycles or today's superlight machines, as all speak to the elegance and simplicity of human-powered transport. Plus, remember, even today's bikes will be considered vintage in thirty years, which to me, has been one long, splendid ride.

Thanks for visiting!

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