Monday, September 10, 2012

Bicycle Theft - Punishment Does Not Meet the Crime

I found this article and this video very eye-opening. The video show how easy it can be for a bicycle thief to steal a bike, even with several witnesses. People simply don't stop. I'm assuming people don't want to get involved with criminals, and there may be some who assume that the person cutting the lock is the owner who simply forgot his key. 

Even when thieves do get caught, the penalty is minimal. Scary stuff.

I've only had one bicycle stolen, and that was 35 years ago. 

Have you ever had one stolen? 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cycling Team Says "Nope to Dope"

Tired of the negative press cycling has received in the light of all the doping scandals? Check out the movie, "Blood Seat and Gears" on Youtube. It's in seven parts, and well-worth watching. It may just renew your faith in professional cycling. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lovely Bicycle - A Lovely Bicycle Blog

Lovely Bicycle - A Bicycle Blog

I'll let this blog speak for itself. Many posts, all well-written, with nice pics. What more could you ask for in a bike blog? Seriously! I'm asking ya, so I can make mine better too!  :)

Reforming My Inner Bike Snob

1969 Gitane "Sport" model tandem

1969 Gitane "Sport" model tandem

I'm changing the way I think about bikes. I didn't set out to change; it's happening organically. Not long ago, I was only interested in racing bicycles - specifically, finely-tuned racing machines with high-end parts. Seems the more I explore bicycle culture through my rides, speaking with fellow enthusiasts, and finding interesting bike sites online, the more I'm learning to love all types of bikes. 

My most recent acquisition, a 1969 Gitane Sport tandem is direct evidence of this. While it's not a total klunker, it's far from the type of bike I normally collect, and it's outfitted with a selection of mid and low-range components. I'm shocked at how much I like this bike! 

Could it be that my inner bike snob is melting away? I certainly hope so. And all this without an intervention. 

How about you? Have you always liked the same kind of bike, or have your tastes changed over time?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Sum of Their Parts

Some more great pictures from Ray Dobbins. 
Take a gander at this 1991 Campagnolo C-Record group. Let your eyes follow the gentle curves of the crank arm spider, the industrial, aggressive lines of the Delta calipers. The sexy contours of the levers. I love bicycles for many reasons, but if I were pressed to come up with just one word to define my passion it would be elegance. 

There's elegance in their simplicity, their mechanical efficiency, and in the way the human body interacts with them. Within each bicycle's design there's a beauty that can be seen in every detail, every component, but their elegance is always greater than the sum of their parts. 

The Great Eddy Merckx

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