Saturday, November 26, 2011

1978* Alan

I bought this Alan in October from a gentleman in Studio City, CA. The ride is classic aluminum - unforgiving, but responsive and the frame dimensions fit my 6' 2" frame very comfortably. It's a 59cm C-C seat tube with a 58cm C-C top tube. About 32.5 stand-over height.

I just added the yellow tires, and was shocked at how ridiculous it looked with them until I put a few miles on them. The road dirt did wonders to help them blend better with the gold frame! Who woulda thunk that a little dirt would make such an aesthetic improvement? Ask a mountain biker or cyclocross racer, I suppose, to get an honest answer on that question.

It's equipped with Shimano 600 derailleurs, brakes and it came with a Sugino Mighty Competition crankset, which I know is a nice crank and sought-after, but it's... well ugly, in my opinion. Replaced that with a first generation Campagnolo Chorus. I might eventually convert this to a single speed, but time will tell. The Shimano Index Shifting works like a charm, so I'll keep the gears for now. No-name seatpost that didn't shine up too well, and minty Suntour Superb Pro pedals from circa 1985 - LOVE those pedals. Mavic wheels with Shimano hubs, TTT stem and bars(?) have to check the bars to make sure they're not Cinelli. 

Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase. Makes a nice new member to my stable. 

Alan frames are "glued and screwed," that is they are bonded together with industrial bonding cement and screwed into the lugs so they won't work their way out over the miles. Brake bridges and bottom brackets are the first to show signs of loosening in these as well as Vitus frames, so check for play in these areas prior to purchase. Expect to spend about $600 in 2011 dollars for a bike in this condition with similar build components.

Ever ridden on an Alan? Chime on in! :)

* Year is approximate. Can you help me narrow down the year of the frame?


  1. I have exactly the same bike, in a 23" size, not the 24" size of this frameset. It was common to "trick out" these bikes with titanium parts. I have a Ti saddle (systeme') (a 210 gram velo jet) and campy SR rear mech, and gransport brakes and shifter (lighter than record) and Avocet 20/30 tires (fastest tires on the planet).

    The Shimano 600 rear mech really ruins the look of this bike ~ I think even a campagnolo valentino would be an improvement !!!

  2. Just stumbled on this bike. I have a nice 1979 Super Record, 54x54, build with second generation Campagnolo super record (gran sport brakes), with an unicanitor saddleand a classic cinelli cockpit - 1A stem with a 40/64 (Giro d'Italia) bar.

  3. I have owned this same bike bike since 1984, mine is fitted with the Campagnolo Nuovo Record, and has a chrome fork - actually looks better than original fork. Also does not have any decals - possibly removed by the original owner. A beautful reliable bike...have put a berzillion miles on it, and everything still works, but it is now being retired. I am curious if this model was produced in other years, or is it safe to say mine is a "78" also?

  4. I too have the same color Alan Record bike and same 59 x 59 cm size. Bought mine new in 1973 with Campy and Universal pieces. Recently brought it out from 20 years of storage with a little clean up and new tires. I am quite chuckled at how fast, light with the smoothest ride. Still a looker wherever I went.

  5. Anybody want to sell one of these to me ? Mark

  6. I've got this nearly restored

  7. I’ve got pretty much the same bike. It’s my daily rider in Berlin.🤗👍🏻

  8. I stumbled onto this googling the photo. I have the same frame and was looking for looking for correct period decal style and location. It was purchased as an "early" Alan, and included seatpost, headset and a Shimano BB. I happen to have a Phil ti BB which will I "will swap out and found a stem and pista bar on "eBay. I am "elderly and no longer comfortable riding fixed-gear on the street, so it will be a single-speed freewheel with front brake only."The rear brake is just something to occupy your off hand while the front brake is actually stopping you." Wish me luck. 76 years old and the first non-steel steed I have ever owned.


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