Friday, November 11, 2011

Campagnolo - 'nuff Said?

Campagnolo C-Record Cobalto Calipers
Photo courtesy of Sheldon Brown - Perhaps the Web's best cycling resource.

I'm a Campagnolo fan, and proud of it. While Japanese components can be equal, in many ways, I'm attracted to the nostalgia surrounding Campy heritage. I don't own any Campagnolo gear newer than 1990, and have no real interest in building up a bicycle with any of their carbon components - not now, anyway. I do have a minty first generation Chorus group, two pair of C-Record Cobalto brakes and levers, and the Campy set that's on my Bianchi Superleggera. I've also got my eye on a Campagnolo "Sport" derailleur that I spotted on CraigsList yesterday, although it may be gone before I get the opportunity to purchase it on Monday. 

I'll be talking more about Campagnolo gear in future posts - just wanted to start a conversation on the subject to fuel the discussions to come.

Do you own any Campy gear? How does it compare to Japanese or other brands? What's your favorite Campagnolo model line?

Send photos and I'll post them on this blog. vintageracingbicycles [at]

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