Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1988* Olmo Sintex

I bought this Olmo Sintex off of CraigsList from a guy in Orange County about ten years ago and sold it five years later for roughly the same price - $350. That was a steal, and I truly wish I would have kept it. It was a 60 cm frame made of Columbus SPX tubing - slightly thicker-walled for longer tubes, but otherwise the same quality as SLX. I don't remember the original brake brand, but I added a set of NOS black Modolo Equipe brakes that looked nice and worked very well. 

The rest of the components were Shimano Dura Ace, if I remember correctly, but the wheels were aero Rigida rims that were heavier than bricks, but looked cool. :)

Ever ridden an Olmo? Chime in with your story, and send photos to vintageracingbicycles [at]

* Year is approximate...but close. 

*** *** UPDATE *** ***

I just bought the bike back from the old friend who bought it from me eight years ago or so! Only a little worse for wear, considering how many miles he put on it - 40 per day commuting for a year or so. Am looking forward to cleaning it up and shining up the components. :)  I feel like PeeWee Herman getting his bike back. :)


  1. Hi Tom .... Just saw this. Thanks for selling me the bike way back when. Rest assured I have taken good care of it and use it all the time. Even I wasn't aware of what a good deal you gave me until I took it in for some service. The guy clued me in to what I have, and you're right, it was a steal! Want to buy it back? :) Anyway, this Olmo is a great bike. I'm looking around for some touch up paint to take care of some of the road nicks I've been getting. Everyone's telling me to just get it powder coated but I want to keep the original color scheme.

    1. Hi Joe! I'd buy that back from you in a heartbeat. Great bike, and I'm glad you're putting it to good use. How are things? Contact me offlist - let's catch up. Use the contact form on my other site: --Tom


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