Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cooper Bikes

I'm so glad I didn't name this site "Old Racing Bicycles," as it would have really narrowed my choices for the bikes I chose for articles. Fact is, bicycles don't have to be old to be vintage. Case in point, Cooper Bikes. These great-looking rides feature classic (not compact) frame geometry, Reynolds tubing, and simple, elegant component choices. In my eye, they are the very definition of "vintage." 
Cooper T200 Championship 50 - Photo clipped from Web site

I've never ridden one, but I'd sure like to. 

These are distributed by only one US distributor, and I don't have any pricing information. Here's where to find them: 

Prestige of Mahwah

345 Route 17
United States of America
Telephone: 201-684-0700

Please chime in if you've ever ridden one. 

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