Friday, November 18, 2011

1984* Klein Performance

And now for the updated photos showing the new fenders (3/2013)

I bought this Klein Performance bicycle from eBay in September of 2010.

I'm looking for other people with early 1980's Klein bikes to send in their serial numbers, so please chime in, either by leaving a comment here or by sending me an email. Thanks.

The components are a hodgepodge of an old red-anodized Galli crankset, an NOS pair of Suntour Superb brakes I found at a flea market (score!), a really nice long-cage Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailleur, and another NR for the front. The relaxed angles of the frame, coupled with the high bottom bracket and easy fork rake give this bicycle a wonderfully-stable and smooth ride. Don't believe everything you hear about aluminum frames being harsh. Klein made some of the most comfortable, high-performance bicycles you could find. 

There are a couple of good Web sites to explore if you are into vintage Klein bicycles. Old Klein Bikes focuses mainly on Klein mountain bicycles, but Diablo Scott's site is loaded with Klein road bicycle information, including an ever-growing Klein serial number database. I've communicated with Scott a few times as I was trying to determine the model of my Klein, and he's a good guy - very knowledgeable and ready to help.

Have you ever ridden or owned a Klein road bicycle? What model? What did you like/not like about it? Chime in below in the comments, or send some pics so I can post them here on this blog: vintageracingbicycles [at]

* Year is approximate If you can help determine the year - please chime in.


  1. my klein performance is stamped 0016

  2. Stumbled across your page. Bike looks superb, love the red fenders and cranks!
    I have a Klein Performance marked S981. It's still a beautiful bike that still rides well and doesn't look (all that) out of date. If you are interested I will post pics.
    As I recall, I ordered it early in 1983, but did not receive it until well into 1984. I have a letter from Gary somewhere apologizing for the long delay.

  3. My Performance was purchased in 1983. The number is not stamped very solidly. Appears to be S246. The S is not clear.

  4. Have 9 Klein road bikes. Newest, is a 1992 Performance that I purchased new in 1992. My oldest is one with Gary's signature and a picture of him standing beside the new owner right after he moved to WA.

    One of my Quantum's has a Durace DI-2 system and another old Klein is a Stage Tour from the mid 80's and I've got it running on a Sram Red E-Tap.

  5. I am the 1996 original owner of a beautiful teal/blue Quantum II that I used only on rainless day commutes 45 minutes each way and other day rides sometimes 65 mi. around the lake. I appreciate this Awesome climber of any hill in Seattle because it has stock 3 chainrings. Time to sell now. I am a former UCD bike mechanic and rode with a friend x-country Fresno to Boston in 1974. This is the only good bike I ever had that was not stolen because when out riding it was never out of my site for more than a few minutes!

  6. I thought my Klein Performance was 1984 like yours, but my serial is S25, so comparing to other serials mentioned here I guess it should be earlier.
    I've seen you page before, the bike is gorgeous.
    I'm not next to it since covid, but I recently asked asked my family to measure the seat tube because I wanted to fit myself a new bike where I am, and I think it measured around 60cm, which is ridiculous because I'm 1.80m (5.11), and I've gotten so used to it. I never thought about fitting when I bought it - saw a sweet bike and pounced.
    Now I'm thinking if I should invest in converting to STI, or sell and and work towards fitting a bike to my size. But somehow they don't fetch so much lately, and I'd rather keep it and not sell for 1000$.


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