Sunday, January 1, 2012

Which Bike to Ride?

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post where I wrote about a short ride that turned out to be unexpectedly enjoyable. 

Out of my six or seven ride-able bicycles in my stable, I chose my Klein Performance for that ride. This 1988* bike is the most comfortable bike I own for all road conditions and for trips longer than just a couple of miles. Its long wheelbase provides a stable, forgiving ride, and the wide range 13-28 gearing means I'm prepared for spinning if my unconditioned legs start complaining. 

Fuji Cambridge

If the ride was five miles or less, I would have chosen my Fuji Cambridge, which is terrific for errands around town and short jaunts on the bike path. It would have been fine for this slightly longer ride, too, but I had the Klein readily-available, so I chose that.

Do you have more than one bicycle? How do you choose which bike to ride?

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