Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mystery Klein - Update

Thanks to DiabloScott for chiming in on my Mystery Klein post. His information provided insight into the origin of this frame. 

His comment: "If you checked the underside of the dropout and there's no serial number there, then you definitely have one of the earliest custom bikes. I don't think I've ever seen another Klein with an over the BB FD cable guide... interesting."
Here's the cable guide Scott mentioned above.

Custom Klein Super ? Still up for debate, but this is as close
 as I've come in identifying this. Stay tuned.

Scott also provided a link to some great, old Klein ordering information and pics of another very old Klein bicycle. Go HERE for this info. 

If anyone else has information on vintage Klein bicycles, please let me know. I'd be especially interested in corresponding with someone who worked at Klein during the early years - but I'll take any information I can get.


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