Saturday, January 21, 2012

1986 Campagnolo Super Record Groupo

Bought this off CraigsList yesterday. It was advertised as a 1982 Campagnolo Super Record Group, but, after purchasing it and researching a bit, it turns out that it's a mix of years from 1982 to 1986. That's fine with me - it's minty, and beautiful.

I think the first tip-off that this wasn't a 1982 group was these white hoods. I asked the seller, and he said, "Nope - 1982." Oh well; live and learn.

Feel free to correct me on any info I provide here, but from my research, 1986 was the last year for the legendary Super Record brakeset, and featured the conical center nut and quick release nut as well. Campy brakes wouldn't be the same after these. The C-Record Delta brakes were radically different. The C-Record Cobalto brakes where similar with the exception of the cobalt stone set in the center bolt and the blue Campagnolo name on the arms rather than the black. The next year, 1987, Was the last year for the Super Record group until it returned 11 years later.

Does this photo make anyone else feel dizzy?

Was this the last year for the iconic Super Record rear derailleur design that started in 1973? Dunno, but it had to be either '86 or '87 - chime in if you know.

The Super Record crankset featured non-fluted arms. The earlier versions featured engraved logos on the arms, the later ones - like this one, featured laser-etched logos. 

The pedals - classic Super Record, and these shined up real well.

Left - unpolished, Right - polished

As part of this purchase, the owner "threw in" a Mavic GP4 rear wheel with Super Record hub, an unused 25mm Campagnolo Super Record seatpost, a couple of Campagnolo Tools, several Campagnolo brake pads, some brake shoes, assorted allen head bolts, downtube shifters and extra shifter parts, an extra set of Campy crank arm bolts, the original metal crank dust caps, four Campagnolo toe clips with four Campy straps, an unused Campagnolo aero water bottle with cage, and an unused Campagnolo Silca framp pump head.

Had much fun polishing and sorting this collection this morning. Will I mount the components on a frame? Probably - in time. For now, I'll keep it in my new clear acrylic display case I got at the Long Beach antique market last Sunday. Photos to come. 

Anything to add or facts to correct? Chime on in! Thanks.

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