Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Suntour Cyclone GT - Early Model Rear Derailleur


I swear... this post is NOT a subliminal attempt at encouraging you to buy an ANKER phone charger! (Buy an ANKOR phone charger!)

I love rear derailleurs. There... I said it. I'm out and I'm proud, baby!

 The industrial design of these things are at once sublime and complex...overstated... let me try again. These things f*cking rock! 

This particular specimen is from, I believe, the first generation of Suntour Cyclone. It's in 7/10 shape. The bright light I used to photograph it really is NOT flattering. Those scratches aren't visible except under harsh light. This came off a 1978 Nishiki.... something. 

The frame had been repainted by Cycle Art some time ago (decal on chainstay) and it looks to have Nervex lugs or the Japanese equivalent - again, chime in with comments. Spring action is okay, but not great. The teeth are worn on the pulleys... but man, it was worth the price of admission. 

The whole bike, including a 9/10 Campagnolo Super Record crankset and 7/10 Campagnolo super record brakeset set me back $145. Craigslist, baby... gotta know what to look for and don't let things slip by just because there's the label "Nishiki" on the frame. Some of those were darn fine bikes! 

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Almost Vintage 2002(?) Kestrel 200SCI


This really doesn't qualify as "vintage," but it's my site, so... what the hell. It's a lovely specimen, early 2000s Kestrel 200SCI with full Dura-Ace group. Some of these were outfitted with lesser components, so I jumped at this one when it showed up on CraigsList. Previous owner rode it three times, so it's in pristine condition. Comes in at 18 pounds six ounces with pedals. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

1984 Raleigh Super Course - Racing USA

Many more photos HERE. 

I started cycling seriously in the early 1980s - well, seriously-enough for me. I didn't race, but rode a lot with clubs, friends, sponsored rides. Some of the mid-level bikes of that era were heavy, not very pretty, but I always loved the bold graphics and colors of the Raleigh Racing USA series. 

This fine specimen came to me by way of eBay. A local (20 miles away) seller was offering it at a price I just couldn't pass up. I ordinarily collect more higher-end bikes, but this one was so well-preserved, that it simply begged to be brought home. 

Something that I always look for is the condition of the chrome. Since this bike has chrome forks as well as a fully-chromed rear triangle, it was crucial to me that its condition was excellent - which it is. 

Obviously kept clean and dry for the past 35 years, this bike has only minimal cosmetic damage. A few nicely-matched paint touch-ups, tiny spots here and there on the chrome, a couple small scratches on the decals... very, very clean. It's been ridden and well-loved. My favorite bikes to collect. :)

You can read more about these Raleighs HERE. 

Many more photos HERE. 

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Classic Cycle - Bainbridge Island, Washington

I had the privilege to visit Classic Cycle on Bainbridge Island in Washington state. The shop is large, but as the owner, Paul mentioned, there is only room for 50 bikes along the top portion of the walls in the shop. Fifty isn't anything to sneeze at, but their collection is quite a bit bigger and they can all be seen on their website, here

No sense going into details, as the photos do the talking. You can find my pics here

Honestly, I didn't even look at the modern bicycle offerings in the store, but judging by the well-stocked shelves, terrific merchandising, and overall  friendliness of the employees, I'm sure that Classic Cycle will have anything you need and deliver it in style. 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet (Bicycles Too)

Beautiful cruiser

Schwinn Paramount with full Campagnolo. This curved seat tube (short-coupled) model was available in 1975 - 1978. Built for criterium races or for riders who wanted the quicker handling that a shorter wheelbase provides, these are more rare than the standard models form this era. 

The vendor selling this Paramount asked $1,200, but was willing to accept offers. I have a rule that I don't collect bikes that don't fit me, plus this one isn't on my list of "must-haves" so I passed on it. 

Nice Frejus for $500. 

This swap meet is held monthly at Veteran's Stadium in Long Beach, California. This is primarily a motorcycle swap, but there are about two dozen bicycle vendors, as well. The majority of the bicycle spaces are filled with balloon tire or BMX bikes. I was hoping for vintage steel racing bicycles, but there were very few - not worth the $10 admission price for the swap, but no regrets... had to check it out and it was nice to stroll around hoping to find some deals. 

If you love motorcycles, this swap is for YOU. Here's the website for it. Enjoy! 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

1987 30th Anniversary - Dave Moulton Fuso

Bought this Fuso from the original owner. This is all-original, no part substitution except the bottom bracket. The owner installed a sealed BB about 20 years ago. It's in immaculate condition - even the bar wrap is original and in great shape. You can find a lot of great information on Dave Moulton's frames, his life, his achievements, on his blog HERE

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