Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh, the Insanity...

Post with polishing cream applied

I have here a circa 1977 two-bolt fluted, pantographed Campagnolo Super Record seat post that's seen much better days. I sincerely wish I'd taken a photo of this BEFORE two hours of polishing, as that's the state in the photos you see here. 

I'm using MAAS Metal Polish, but will bring out the Brasso tomorrow if this doesn't cut it. Wanted to start with the MAAS as I'm doing this in an enclosed space and Brasso is pretty caustic stuff. 

This side isn't too bad

I've hit an impasse though. Although I'm still able to get black residue on my cloths after each polishing pass, I'm not seeing any more of the discoloration/pitting/oxidation disappearing. 

Here's the troubled side.

Any metal polishing experts out there? What's the next step in restoring this seat post? Grinder wheel with polishing pad on it? I tried the Dremmel, but that's too high of an RPM, and actually tarnished a small section of the post using the Dremmel. 

Will post more photos in my next post after another couple of hours of polishing. Chime in with suggestions... Please! :)

Also, start thinking about that logo on the post. Colnago? Campagnolo? I'll need your help to identify.


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  1. I will show you how to polish seat posts this afternoon if you would like me to !


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