Sunday, September 27, 2015

Modolo Speedy Brakeset - Black

I love finely-crafted brake calipers and levers. The best ones illustrate a harmony of form and function. That being said, Modolo brakes may not be the best stopping brakes out there - certainly not by today's standards, but even back in the day. However, Modolo did make great-looking brakes, and their attention to design detail is, to me, very apparent in their models starting at the Speedy level.

I also love Suntour Superbe and Superbe Pro brakesets and, of course, most of the Campagnolo offerings in this category prior to 1990. Don't get me wrong; when it comes to modern builds, there are few brakes more sexy that gleaming polished metal or black Campagnolo Skeleton calipers. But those belong in another blog.

I purchased the Modolo Speedy brakeset pictured here off Craigslist for a song - $50. The levers even had the original hoods on them, but they were so cracked and deteriorated that I threw them away as I began polishing. These will go on a build, eventually. In the meantime, they'll remain in my offsite, climate-controlled, subterranean component vault. 

Share your experiences with Modolo brakes below so our readers can enjoy your stories too!

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