Sunday, September 6, 2015

1983 Bianchi Tipo Corsa

This build is 98% done. 58cm 1983 Bianchi Tipo Corsa. Wheels are going to need to be changed out. They have era-correct Phil Wood hubs (so nice), but the rims are early 90s Mavic. No huge deal, but there's so much effort in keeping the rest original that I didn't want to skimp on the wheels. I have another set of 80s Mavic wheels that will go nicely. Might even splurge for celeste tires... we'll see.

Dropout screws are in backwards. I have another, shorter pair coming in the mail this week, so those will be fixed. Stem isn't correct. It's a more recent Cinelli. Other than that - pretty much a correct (catalog) build for this bike. 

Frame came to me as a freshly-painted bare frame and fork. Spent this summer slowly builging it up - piece by piece. Really had fun with this build. Something about taking my time, polishing things - working on early Saturday mornings in the garage to assemble what I know will be a beautiful machine. 

More pics HERE.

Thanks for looking!

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