Sunday, May 1, 2022

Eroica California 2022 - Bicycle Concours d'Elegance and Swap


The 2022 California Eroica Festival was held for the first time since 2019, and, again Cambria, California was chosen as the host city. My wife and I rented a beach cottage near Fiscalini Ranch and had a splendid weekend. I didn't do the ride on Sunday, but enjoyed much of what the festival had to offer. This time around, though, I didn't purchase anything at the swap as I had three years ago during my visit. I have too many parts sitting in drawers already.

As you can see, the bikes on display represented many of the finest around - brought here by collectors from far and wide. Ted Ernst, who just turned 90 a few days ago, was one of the judges. Few men his age have got the zeal and pep he does. Great to see Ted out there accompanied by another judge, looking over the minute details of these vintage beauties as he made his rounds - what a true classic and class act he is, himself, in so many ways. 

I did bring a bike up here to Cambria to ride around. It's my newly-built Klein ebike conversion, and it was very helpful climbing the hills in this neighborhood - see photos, below. I look forward to coming back here again next year for another Eroica and more of the same beautiful bikes, wonderful scenery, and terrific people. 

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