Saturday, October 11, 2014

Seattle Bicycle Swap Meet - September 28th 2014

From a good friend, who attended:

One of the best Seattle Bicycle Swaps was held at the Seattle center exhibition hall on Sept 28th, 2014. Its main sponsor is the cascade bicycle club. Vendors representing shops such as Recycled Cycles and Eric's shop BPASeattle dba Bikes + Art filled the hall. The mix was anything used to new to special clothing to books, art, t-shirts and stickers. 

From talking to the vendors, there was a huge interest in vintage stuff and a lot of it sold early, which brings me to my rule #1 for bicycle swaps - come EARLY. (Editor's note: My friend is right - If a swap is scheduled to start at 8:00 AM, come at 6:30. Help the vendors move their merchandise to their locations; talk to them... see what they have to offer - you get the idea. ;)

Everybody was friendly and willing to engage in conversation. Now that I have been to one bike swap (yes it was my 1st) I want to plan more!

Thanks for that report!

Now - for the readers - Have other swaps you want to tell me about? Comment below, please.

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