Sunday, May 26, 2013

Component Failure - Stress Fracture Campagnolo Crankset

Not sure where I got this Campangolo Record (Strada) crankset, but it's been retired. Took it off my Guerciotti and it's now wall art (garage, of course - my wife has a different definition of fine art). 

The lesson here - inspect components - from the pedals to the forks and everything in between. This goes for modern carbon fiber to old school steel, aluminum, bamboo. 

Some more pics of component failures. Have any of your own? Send them to me via email - vintageracingbicycles [at] gmail dot com.

*** *** UPDATE *** ***

The great folks over at Classic Rendezvous (Google Group) chimed in and suggested simply filing (rat tail file) the inner part of the spider/arm where the cracks are. Some people said this is all it needs, and others suggested that the cracks may extend further than the eye can see, so filing may not be a good idea. File at your own risk!

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