Saturday, June 2, 2012

Restoration Notes - Scratch Removal

Mondia Special Scratches and Paint Blemish - Before

Mondia Special Scratches and Paint Blemish - After

David Tesch Scratch/Abrasion - Before

David Tesch Scratch/Abrasion - After

About $8 at Lowes, $11 at AutoZone

It's satisfying to watch a restoration come together, and on two of my bikes, my David Tesch custom and my Mondia Special, the final steps involve detailing the frame, starting with scratch removal. I've tried a couple different scratch removal systems, including the Fix-It Pro pen, and Meguiars Scratch-X 2.0. Today I used the Meguiars, and, between the two products, I think it worked the best.

For both bikes, I started with a pea-sized amount of Scratch-X on a microfiber cloth and applied in both circular and back-and-forth motions for about two minutes, then wiped the area clean, reapplied the Scratch-X to the cloth, and started again. I did this about three times for each area, for a total of 5-7 minutes of buffing. I also used a Q-Tip as an applicator and buffer, as I found I had greater control of the buffing areas, being careful not to apply to too large of a surrounding area. I used light to moderate pressure, throughout. When finished, I wiped the area clean and applied a coat of Mothers Cleaner Wax, then buffed clean.

If you have any bicycle scratch removal tips or other bicycle restoration ideas, please chime in. Thanks.

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