Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1983 Medici Pro Strada

This Medici didn't have the original fork; it came with a newer white one. So I took that fork off and put the chrome Columbus fork on from my 1984 Batavus Professional. This looked great, but didn't quite fit. The fork was just a tiny bit too short for the head tube; thus the headtube locknut didn't fit. 

I stripped the parts off of it and am keeping the frame while looking for a chrome Columbus fork that will fit. The other problem is that the frame has a shorter top tube than I'm used to. The frame is a 58.5cm center to center seat tube, but the top tube is only 56.5cm. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing the frame as-is *without the fork (that went back on to the Batavus), shoot me an email - vintageracingbicycles [at] gmail.com.

The frame is in very nice shape. Only a few blemishes and the paint really shines. These were made here in Southern California by what was essentially a spin-off of Brian Baylis's frame factory. You can read Brian's story HERE.

More photos of this Medici HERE.

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