Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Potpourri of Parts off the Mystery Klein

I've stripped the parts Klein mystery bike (turns out it's NOT a Stage, as they had fender eyelets. Hoping it's a Klein Team Super or the like - more on this in an upcoming post), and cleaned them. 

Missing from these photos is the Shimano Titlist front derailleur (This is NOT a typo, Shimano Titlist.... let's continue, shall we?) and some generic Shimano downtube shifters. 

There was also some SR bars that were scratched beyond recognition or comprehension, frankly, as I don't understand how drop bars can have scratches on the tops of the drops unless someone was riding the bicycle upside down or wore gloves made out of steel wool, but I digress.

As mentioned in a previous post on this bike, the SR stem's 5mm allen bolt was rounded out, so that was recycled along with the bars. The prize of the component haul is the Campagnolo Super Record derailleur. It's in excellent shape, and will be placed proudly in the museum, until I work up the courage to use it in a build sometime down the road. 

The Sugino cranks are the second set of Mighty Competition cranks I've acquired recently, the other off of the Alan. These cleaned up very well, and have been zip-locked for safe keeping. 

The brakes are black Weinmann Type 500, which still fetch about $25 for the set on eBay. I don't see using them in a future lightweight build, but they look nice and represent a piece of cycling component history, so I'll hold onto them.

The rims are semi-aero Araya tubulars and are very light and true. A nice spare set of wheels is always welcome. The seatpost is branded Cannondale, but looks like it's missing an adjustment bolt. I'll investigate further tomorrow as I begin cleaning and polishing the frame. 

Stay tuned for more edge-of-your-seat gear geek speak! Ouch... that was painful.

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  1. Two of these parts - the black dia compe 500's and the Sugino Mighty Compe - were offered on SEKAI 2500/2700 models (not exactly sure what years). So maybe the klein owner pirated that bike for these parts? The SEKAI had SR road champion bars and suntour cyclone mechs.


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