Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Campagnolo Mixed Group - SR and NR

Grabbed this off the Los Angeles CraigsList the other day. The seller was a former bike shop employee and this gear was covered in grime, but had very little shop wear. Grime can be your friend, as it often protects components from the elements and buffers against abrasions. Plus, I just love bringing out the chrome polish and restoring the original luster of old Campy gear

Collection included SR and NR brake levers and one set of calipers, SR crankset with extra set of NR chainrings, spare pair of Campy skewers, extra Campy brake pads, Zeus high flange hubset (haven't polished them up enough to see if they are the Gigante Road or the Criterium), SR seatpost, extra left crank arm, Cinelli Giro de Italia 40cm bars, Cinelli 120mm stem, English thread BB, two complete headsets, Cristophe toe clips and straps, SR front and NR rear derailleurs, shifters, Campy Superleggera pedals (at least I hope they are; the Super Record with titanium spindles were lighter, but prone to failure). 

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