Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reforming My Inner Bike Snob

1969 Gitane "Sport" model tandem

1969 Gitane "Sport" model tandem

I'm changing the way I think about bikes. I didn't set out to change; it's happening organically. Not long ago, I was only interested in racing bicycles - specifically, finely-tuned racing machines with high-end parts. Seems the more I explore bicycle culture through my rides, speaking with fellow enthusiasts, and finding interesting bike sites online, the more I'm learning to love all types of bikes. 

My most recent acquisition, a 1969 Gitane Sport tandem is direct evidence of this. While it's not a total klunker, it's far from the type of bike I normally collect, and it's outfitted with a selection of mid and low-range components. I'm shocked at how much I like this bike! 

Could it be that my inner bike snob is melting away? I certainly hope so. And all this without an intervention. 

How about you? Have you always liked the same kind of bike, or have your tastes changed over time?

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