Saturday, December 3, 2011

Modolo Team Brakes - White

I bought this pair of Modolo Team brakes as NOS about seven years ago to put on my Olmo Sintex, but have since migrated them to my Batavus Professional, and now... they will be going into the Bicycle Parts Museum (soon to be a link to a fantastical array of vintage bicycle parts...totally drool-worthy, trust me.)

I'll need an expert to chime in here, but it seems that the "Team" models were simply the Modolo Professional brakes in white. As you can see, mine are now more of a cream color, but hey - makes them even more rare, right? Ahem... In any case, they have about 25 miles on them, total, and while cleaning them up for their photo session this morning, a tiny strip of white paint or acrylic coating - whatever the brake shoes are coated with, fell off. This tells me that these are ready to retire, and not destroy by using them on a bike. If paint is starting to come off of these that easy, then they would be thrashed within six months of use. 

Pretty brakes, though, ehe? My favorite brakes are these and Campagnolo Record Cobaltos. Poetry in anti-motion, I suppose. You follow? Good. :)

Here's what they look like when they are actually white. Click HERE.  

What about you? Do you like Modolo brakes? Any input on the "Team" designation? Chime on in.

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