Sunday, August 24, 2014

1969 LeJeune

I bought this LeJeune frame off ebay and sourced the parts through various collector friends and The Bicycle Stand in Long Beach, CA. The Bicycle Stand did the final build - putting the period/country-correct components together for a smooth-riding machine. 

The bars are country-correct Belleri, and have sweeping tops that allow for some surprisingly-comfortable hand positions. The Mafac breaks and levers work great. New brake pads, tires and tubes, cables and housing, and the rear Simlex derailleur completed the build. The shop did a great job, as always. 

I opted to keep the original paint and decals. Love the patina, fades, and small blemishes. They speak of many happy miles over the years. 

I think I'll add bar tape today. Sunday afternoons are my favorite time to wrench on bikes. :)

Own any French bicycles? Comment below. 

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  1. Nice looking bike. I have just started riding again after losing significant weight last winter and maintaining during the summer with massive amounts of pickleball and golf.....a 15 mile ride with friends in Delaware got my juices flowing again....I have an ancient vintage Sears (Gasp!) 10 speed road bilke my wife bought me 40 years ago. It has met my bike needs all these years, and I determined that a rebirth would meet my riding needs for the, I like reclamation of old things.....long story short, I just fell heir to a Le Jeune Tour de France vintage bike that is in great shape that basically just needs tuning up, cleaning, polishing, shining the chrome again, and riding off into the is in great shape for the age it is. I can't wait to do the short rehab and start serious riding. I need help with where I might find necessary replace,nets,Pat's I,might require to get the project underway. Do,you know any resources for parts?



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