Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1980* Cinelli Super Corsa

I bought this bike for $300 loaded with period-incorrect Shimano 600 components and then decided to get creative with the color-matching golden levers, yellow cable housing, bottle cage, and seat while converting it into a single speed. 

I'm not certain of the year - thus the asterisk in the title of this post. If anyone can more closely approximate the year from these photos, please comment below.

The ride was classic steel - no surprises. Stiff, upright angles made this bike a little harsher than I like for tooling around town, but hey - it's a classic! Those bars are 44cm - my favorite width and not easy to find these days. 

The chrome took a lot of polishing to get it to the condition you see here, and this isn't nearly as nice as I've seen on other Cinelli SCs. 

Regretfully, I sold this for $350 just over a year ago. Not enough room in my garage, and I wanted to make room for a Fuji Cambridge I had my eye on.

Ever own a Cinelli bicycle? Chime on in and tell your story. You can email me photos at vintageracingbicycles (at) gmail.com.

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